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Module #2: Building a dApp on Polygon

December 19, 2023
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90 minutes

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Join Chainlink Labs and Polygon Labs to learn how to use Chainlink Functions to bring data from any API onchain. In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to build a censorship-resistant news aggregator using Chainlink Functions and display the onchain data with a simple frontend.


  • Web3 wallet: You'll require MetaMask or a similar Web3 wallet with testnet ETH on Sepolia for this workshop. Complete this quick tutorial to learn how to set this up.


Prior programming experience is recommended. Participants should be proficient in frontend web development and asynchronous programming, and also be familiar with backend development. Familiarity with development tools like VSCode and Git is also expected.

Learning Objectives

Understand the benefits of building on Polygon.
Enhance your knowledge of core Web3 concepts.
Build a distributed news aggregator with Chainlink Functions.


Tony Olendo

Lead DevRel Engineer

Polygon Labs

Richard Gottleber

Developer Advocate

Chainlink Labs

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