Tuesday, June 18 at 12PM ET
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Innovation in Real-World Asset Tokenization: A Deep Dive with Paxos

Join panelists from


Nick Robnett
Head of Asset Growth
William Reilly
CeFi Lead
Chainlink Labs

What we’ll cover

Dive into the cutting-edge of asset tokenization with Paxos and Chainlink. Unpack Paxos' strategies in transforming tangible assets into digital tokens, reshaping ownership, transparency, and market participation. Discover how these innovations enhance liquidity, accessibility, and compliance at the intersection of Web3 and traditional finance.

  • Learn the transformative potential of converting real-world assets into blockchain-enabled tokenized assets.
  • Explore the robust technology behind Paxos’ platforms, designed to ensure unmatched security, compliance, and scale.
  • Discover how Chainlink’s essential infrastructure powers the growing tokenized asset economy.

This session is tailored for leaders in finance, blockchain innovation, and asset management who are interested in leveraging blockchain's potential to future-proof their tokenization strategy.

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