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Chainlink VRF v2: The Future of On-Chain Randomness

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March 31, 2022 5:00 PM
45 minutes

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Be it NFT drops, creating rare traits for game avatars, or no-loss saving games, Chainlink VRF provides smart contract developers with a provably fair and verifiable source of randomness. 

In this Tech Talk, learn why on-chain randomness is an important building block of the NFT, gaming, and governance dApp ecosystems, as well as the benefits of using the new version of VRF - Chainlink VRF v2.

Learning Objectives

Define on-chain randomness and the criteria it must satisfy to be provably fair, tamper-proof, and verifiable
Learn how the new Chainlink VRF v2 features can benefit new and existing smart contract developers seeking on-chain random number generation
Discover the ways Chainlink VRF can be used for NFT, gaming, and governance use-cases
Understand the request-response cycle behind every VRF request


Brad Davis

Product Manager for VRF

Chainlink Labs

Todor Karaivanov

Solutions Architect for VRF

Chainlink Labs

Fedor Borovykh

Product Marketing Lead for VRF

Chainlink Labs

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