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CyberKongz: Randomizing NFT Traits Using Chainlink VRF

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June 16, 2022 5:00 PM
45 minutes

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Blockchain gaming and NFT communities have come to expect fairness and transparency in the projects they support. Projects that provide their users with fair and transparent experiences are able to build meaningful communities that help advance their goals. However, providing transparency for certain technical features is not always straightforward. One way to bring fairness and transparency to NFT and gaming projects is by integrating a secure source of on-chain randomness.

In this Tech Talk, learn about the importance of using a secure source of on-chain randomness, explore how to grow a gaming community in the Web3 space, and find out how CyberKongz created a novel gaming experience that uses Chainlink VRF to help randomly assign different character traits with varying levels of rarity to CyberKongz NFTs.

Learning Objectives

Explore the promise of advanced NFT utility and see how GameFi projects are driving creative use cases in the blockchain space.
Learn how decentralized applications can incorporate Chainlink VRF as a cryptographically secure source of randomness.
See how Chainlink VRF can help GameFi projects generate verifiably random NFT traits to help shape novel, transparent gaming experiences.



Lead Solidity Developer


Todor Karaivanov

Solutions Architect for VRF

Chainlink Labs

Makram Kamaleddine

Software Engineer

Chainlink Labs

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