A Chainlink Industry Report


How Interoperability and Real-World Data Unlock the True Value of Tokenized Assets


The market opportunity of tokenization is unprecedented—it has the potential to encompass virtually any asset. With the value in onchain applications sitting in the hundreds of billions of dollars, there is potential for significant growth in converting traditional assets into a superior, tokenized form.

However, to capitalize on this opportunity, stakeholders in the financial services industry need to bridge their knowledge gap to be able to securely interact with the tokenization sector. By understanding the underlying opportunities, they can strategically position themselves to benefit from tokenization and future-proof their digital asset strategy.

This Chainlink industry report, featuring contributions from BCG, 21Shares, Paxos, and Backed, examines the trillion-dollar tokenization megatrend and explores how asset managers and financial institutions can use the Chainlink platform as their gateway to the tokenization opportunity.

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