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Module #1: Automating Smart Contract Execution with Chainlink Keepers

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May 26, 2022 12:00 PM
45 minutes
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The growing demand for innovation from DeFi users has resulted in emerging opportunities ranging from yield farming to self-repaying loans.

In this Tech Talk, learn how Frax Finance and QiDAO are pushing the envelope on Fantom and building a DeFi ecosystem fueled by stablecoins and advanced financing concepts such as collateralized debt positions (CDPs).

Learning Objectives

The benefits of integrating a decentralized smart contract automation solution to outsource DevOps and ​​regular maintenance tasks.
What makes Chainlink Keepers different from Web2 automation scripts
How to write a Keeper-compatible smart contract and register a new Upkeep in the Chainlink Keepers App
Industry best practices to save critical developer resources by scaling and securing your automation using Chainlink Keepers


De Clercq Wentzel

Product Manager

Chainlink Labs

Mike Stone

Senior Solutions Architect

Chainlink Labs

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