Module #1: Chainlink Functions Deep Dive

May 2, 2023, 5PM
120 minutes
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Join the Chainlink Developer Relations Team to learn about what Chainlink Functions is and why it's so groundbreaking for the Web3 industry. As part of this workshop, you will build, deploy, and interact with a smart contract that uses Chainlink Functions to payout an artist based on their music streams on Spotify.


  • You will need your wallet address (Ethereum Sepolia or Polygon Mumbai) to get added to the allowlist. Please register using the wallet address that you want added to the waitlist.
  • Install up-to-date versions of Git, NodeJS, NPM, and Hardhat.
  • To complete the *optional* bonus assignments, follow these steps (allow up to 48 hours):


At least six months of prior programming experience and familiarity with JavaScript/NodeJS, installing packages, the command line (terminal), and Git.

Learning Objectives

Learn what Chainlink Functions is and why it’s so important for the Web3 industry.
Learn how to connect to any data source on earth to a smart contract and run complex computations gas-efficiently by integrating Chainlink Functions.
Leverage your Web2 programming knowledge to build blockchain use cases.


Zubin Pratap

Software Engineer and Developer Advocate

Chainlink Labs

Harry Papacharissiou

Developer Advocate Manager

Chainlink Labs

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