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Autonomous, secure, and reliable audits of reserves

Chainlink Proof of Reserve enables the reliable and timely monitoring of reserve assets using automated audits based on cryptographic truth.

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Get definitive on-chain proof of any asset’s true collateralization

Reduce risk with automated, truth-based audits

Introduce automated audits into your decentralized application to  decrease risk and increase efficiency through oracle-triggered circuit breakers.

Bring enhanced transparency to your users

Publish timely and immutable on-chain audits to bring enhanced transparency to traditional audits processes.

Prevent systemic failures and contagion

Audit on-chain and off-chain collateral reserves to help mitigate risk and protect users from unexpected fractional reserve activity.

Integrate transparent audits of reserve assets

Asset issuers

Issuers minting on-chain tokens representing off-chain or cross-chain assets can integrate Chainlink Proof of Reserve to help provide additional guarantees that they cannot mint more tokens than assets stored in reserves.

DeFi application developers

Smart contract developers can integrate Chainlink Proof of Reserve as a circuit breaker to help ensure unexpected fractional reserve activity from issuers does not result in cascading user losses if unbacked tokens are minted.

DeFi users

Chainlink Proof of Reserve helps DeFi users get transparency into their risk exposure, increasing confidence in the backing of on-chain tokens collateralized by off-chain reserves.

Employ Chainlink Proof of Reserve across various use cases

Digitized Assets

Ensure stablecoins, CBDCs, and wrapped cross-chain assets are properly backed.

Circuit Breakers

Implement a failsafe to prevent undercollateralization.

New Financial Products

Create fully-transparent on-chain financial instruments.

Cross-Chain Tokenization

Obtain collateralization data on any cross-chain asset across any chain.

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